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Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, Glori attended University of Detroit Mercy receiving a degree in Education with majors in English and Speech/Drama. She taught both English and Drama prior to moving to south Florida in 1977 and continued teaching in Florida until retirement.

Living in South Florida provides weather for year round activities and sports and allows Glori and her husband to enjoy their two pets, Molly and Maggie. Their children live throughout the USA and in AU so they have wonderful options for travel.

Glori has always enjoyed theatre, music and dance bringing these arts into her writing. Her themes and settings interweave fantasy and mythology with a creative touch of magic as demonstrated in The Trilogy of the Dragons in A Dragon’s Tails, The Challenge of the Dragons and A Dragon’s Dream.

Glori has been involved in a book writing project for children with cancer with a goal to inform children about their illness while helping them feel good about themselves. She hopes that the children who read these books will know they can beat cancer and that they are heroes with hopes for tomorrow. She has written these books for charity with the intent of contributing to the hospitals’ care and research for children with cancer. Pete the Penguin was given to Miami Children’s Hospital in 2004 and Gerry the Giraffe was given to St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital in 2018. Kasey the Kangaroo is waiting to find a home in a Children’s Hospital.

Other books Glori has completed are Ice Castle: A Fairy Tale, Bernie the Bear and Unknown – A Paranormal Romance. Soon to be completed is Moon Child, a story about Jaki, a Seminole Native American child, who wants to learn about her heritage and culture.

Glori is available for book presentations in schools. For more information, use the contact form below.


Close your eyes and open your mind to a world of possibilities.

– Pete the Penguin


Trilogy of the Dragons

A Dragon’s Tail

Siamese twin dragons, separated at birth, hold the key to happiness and dreams in their tails, and an evil generation of big, two-headed dragons is determined to keep them apart. If they get back together, Cumulus, the Land of Dragons, will be filled with happiness and wishes fulfilled.

How will the twins get back together? Follow along in this Tail for All Ages as friends pop out of nowhere to lend a hand, a feather, a hoof, a paw and a claw, as one brother searches for the other.

The Challenge of the Dragons

Book Two of The Trilogy of the Dragons brings more excitement with challenge and adventure in a fictional fantasy with magic and mysticism woven into a theme of good wins over evil.

Maxaluna is now a two-headed good dragon entrusted with two very special Dragon eggs. He must protect them and raise these baby chicks after they hatch.

The twin Dragons, Bo and Ben, continue what Vortex and Cyclone began—overtaking an evil generation of Dragons in the land Of the Lords. They have lots of help from Maxaluna, a wizard, a unicorn, an owl, an eagle, a lizard, a snake, a spider, the Water Sprites, a frog, a Tiffany Butterfly, a good witch, and some Wraiths and their Ravens. Both Dragon Lords want to be the ruler of the Kingdom . . . which will win? Find out how the beautiful Tiffany Butterfly transforms the evil dragons into good dragons with the power of the magical nectar.

A Dragon’s Dream

A Dragon’s Dream completes the Trilogy of the Dragons that carries the general theme of the trilogy of good wins over evil. In all three books there is a hero who demonstrates courage and ethical values.

A Dragon’s Dream is about the Patriarch Dragon Arthur who was kidnapped by evil sea monster dragons and hidden inside a giant shell on the bottom of the sea for 200 years. Arthur has been in a dream state sleeping on a satin pillow under the protection of a Nightingale who has been at his side.

Learn how fellowship and teamwork help save Arthur’s life and bring him back to Comulus, the Land of the Dragon where peace and happiness will exist forever. See how justice and goodness prevail over evil by changing the evil monster dragons’ ways to acts of good.

Stories for Children With Cancer

Glori has written stories to help children with various forms of cancer cope with their illness.
These books are available to hospitals on a charity basis for their needs in research and treatment for children with cancer.

Pete the Penguin

Pete the Penguin was tired of his tuxedo suit and wished he could wear something different for a change. After meeting up with Alfie the Elf, all his wishes and dreams came true.

In a wonderful and colorful world of dreams, Pete was able to visit the circus, to be a safari hunter, a baseball player and an astronaut on the moon. Most important, Pete closed his eyes to open his mind to a world of possibilities.


Gerry the Giraffe’s Victory

Gerry the Giraffe was tired of his spots and wished he could be different for a change. After meeting up with Miles the Magic Mouse, all his wishes and dreams come true.

In a wonderful colorful world of dreams, Gerry was able to fly a prop plane, play professional basketball, sit on the moon, and drive a racecar. Most important, Gerry found out how to, “Give your dreams a chance and they will happen.”


Kasey the Kangaroo

Kasey the Kangaroo is fighting Lymphoma. Kasey also has a tough time with his big hands and feet.

He meets up with Kenny the Koala Bear who takes Kasey on a journey of all his wishes and dreams while he is in the hospital. Kasey wins a boxing because of his big hands. He also performs a high wire act, wrapping his big toes and feet around the wire. Kasey’s final wish of going to the moon comes true where they meet a droid who becomes their friend.

Through his adventures with Kenny, Kasey learns how to accept himself and beat cancer.


Bernie the Bear

Bernie the Bear is a Rugby Player. His dream is to win the Championship Rugby Tournament.

He is fighting brain cancer and finds himself in the hospital for treatment. Fortunately, Bernie meets up with Bailey the Bunny who will be with him through all his cancer treatments. Bailey will grant all Bernie’s wishes and dreams. Bernie wishes to win the grand Rugby Tournament, be a Snowboarding competitor in the Olympics, own a Honey Shoppe, climb Mount Rushmore, and be loved by all children.

Other Books in the Works

The Unknown

Historical Fiction/Fantasy/Supernatural
A Spanish Galleon was shipwrecked forty decades ago off Boca Raton Inlet. Surviving crew buried a chest on the beach. A drama at sea begins when the chest is found by dive member teens from the local High School on a dive trip with an assignment to find the whereabouts of the lost ship. The ship discovered remains unknown because past hurricanes changed its location in the ocean from Red Reef Inlet to an unknown place in the Atlantic. Could it be in the Bermuda Triangle where many missing vessels at sea remain lost? Could this solve the mystery? What will happen in this paranormal romance? Will Zack and Moira’s relationship remain or will they face changes in time? Will Moira want to continue being a human or will she morph back into a ghost?

Ice Castle—A Fairy Tale

Lucinda and Celeste are the heroine twin princesses who rule the Ice Castle after their Queen Mother’s death. An evil witch who wished to take over the castle casts them out into the cold where they are threatened with hazardous weather conditions.

The good wolves carry out Barclay the Wizard’s assignment to bring the twins to his castle in the subliminal earth of Alaska. The twins are given the mission to find the Ruby Red Heart that will help the Elves return to Norway. If this is accomplished, then they will be able to return to Ice Castle and the evil witch will no longer be. Find out how accomplished the twins will be on this dangerous mission to destroy the evil cult of Ice Dragons and the task of finding the Ruby Red Heart.

Marty the Innkeeper

Marty lives in a summer house by the sea where he looks forward to his guests every summer and their fresh supply of walnuts. He disturbs his guests with his messy habits of leaving walnut shells all over the house. His main problem is a big red cat named Chili who guards the house for mice. Marty realizes he must change his habits in order to keep peace and remain alive. He writes a letter of apology with an agreement to clean up his messes. Marty looks forward to each summer with fresh walnuts along with cat and mouse games.


Cocka Doodle Do

Roger is the only Rooster who wears a watch to tell time so the whole Farm will wake up at 5am. Farmer Lou gave him a watch so he would wake the farm up at 5:00 daily, otherwise it was a disaster. Everything on the farm was going just fine until the day when Roger decided to take a swim and lost his watch. He thought himself a complete failure and was awake the entire night until he realized his capabilities are greater than he thought.

Howard the Happy Crocodile with Sixty-Tooth Smile

A happy crocodile with a sixty-tooth smile needs to learn to be mean or flunk out of Mean Crocodile School. He enjoys cooking while practicing lessons by flipping pancakes and twirling pizza dough. He cannot knock a victim down with his tail or chase one without giving a big hug. He joins the caterers at his brother’s graduation party and feels successful being a happy crocodile wearing a chef’s hat smiling his 60-tooth smile.

He learns that being himself is more important than being like his peers.

Sparkle’s Magic Milky Way

Sparkle is the brightest and smallest star. She wishes to go on adventures in the Galaxy with all the stars. Sparkle lost her bright smile when she found out she would not be able to travel the galaxy because she was too young. When her magic kicks in, she will be able to visit the Galaxy without being seen. parkle is given three wishes from Mr. Moon to use while on the adventure in the Galaxy. She runs into trouble because of her impetuous and curious nature. She does not think of consequences because she is impulsive.

Coming Soon

Moon Child

Jaki is a Seminole Native American child who is challenged with accepting the responsibilities of her heritage and culture. She is very close to nature and elements of nature, which play an important part in Jaki’s coming of age.

Moon Child images by:
Lynne Mass Photography


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