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The Quest

Nested in the shadows of a mountain a river flows,
clear crystal water ripples and bubbles
as a current travels forming water sculptures.
Rolling and twisting through the jagged jutted rocks,
into cascading falls, the river roars in the peace of the day.

Over in the quiet settle water a fisher waltzes,
casting his rod with a lasso manner into the stream.
gracefully the crystal line cuts through the air like a laser,
creating figures and images in the sky.
Then sinks into hidden secret waters to seek the unknown.

Slowly, the fisherman guides his rod,
where a fish plays unaware of jaded circumstances.
Temptation and tension become alive;
as the contest begins between fisher and fish.
A game of hide and seek begin as the fish flirts with bait.

Zigging and zagging with the enticing bait,
lusting for fulfillment,
weakening until temptation wins,
as the fish savagely indulges with instant savage satisfaction.
A sharp pain triggers and shakes his silver body.

Feeling a quick jerk the fisher begin reeling in his rod.
The fight begins, rocking back and forth like a cradle.
Determination to win continues between the two.
The rod and line become taut; the fisher braces a stance;
and with a final tug the fight is won.

The contest is over and the captured is reeled in,
flopping on the shore while fin and tail feverishly fight for air and life.
Gils gape open with the pisces eyeballs scan the earth in silence.
Admiring his catch, the fisher places his trophy in a worn wooden basket;
strolls away whistling a familiar song with rod over shoulder.

Glori Mulligan 2013