The Unknown

A Spanish Galleon was shipwrecked forty decades ago off Boca Raton Inlet. Surviving crew buried a chest on the beach on the beach. A drama at sea begins when the chest is found by dive member teens from Spanish River High School in Boca Raton on a dive trip with an assignment to find the whereabouts of the lost ship. The ship discovered remains unknown because past hurricanes changed its location in the ocean from Red Reef Inlet to an unknown place in the Atlantic. Could it be in the Bermuda Triangle where many missing vessels at sea remain lost? Could this solve the mystery? A search for this ship will encounter dangerous and threatening events occurring when they discover the ship.

The main theme of the book is featured thorough the heroine and main characters who are involved in a coming of age and self-identity within a historical span of time facing life threatening and challenging experiences. A theme displays determination and courage to obtain their goals while accomplishing their desires.

Moira, a sixteen year ghost desires to know of her ancestry and to have self-identity. A conflict arises when she becomes involved with Zack, a seventeen year old paranormal because she cannot be involved romantically in a relationship because of her supernatural spirit. She crosses over to a human and must decide whether she will cross back to a ghost again. This question will be provoking and not discovered until the end when she makes the decision to remain a human spirit. Thus it opens more conflict with her relationship that will be preceded with a sequel "Found".

Another conflict exists in the Bermuda Triangle that borders the Perimeters of Ft. Lauderdale, Miami, and Puerto Rico where a cult of evil Pirates and Indian spirits exist from the 15th. 16, and 17th. Centuries on the lost ship. The primary mission and evil desire is to destroy all ghost spirits so they will have domain of land and sea. This Society of the Serpentines had control of all spirits /Sub-Terrarium for 400 centuries in the Bermuda Triangle located in the deep waters of the Atlantic that borders Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The Society of Serpentine’s armies consist of Ghouls who take victims into nothingness by absorbing them. Their only threat to them is fire that will vanish them forever. They meet their fate when discovered by Professors, Dr, Patricia and Michael McKee who lead an exhibition to find this lost ship. After the discovery, a team is formed to recover this ship and to eliminate the evil Society of Serpentines with fire.
Moira does unite with her parents who have been kidnapped for many decades along with other good spirit ghosts from past centuries. They will return to Ireland, but Moira faces a cross road to continue to be a human or spirit. Will her decision to remain a human spirit provide her with love and will this inequitable relationship be enough to make her feel loved once again?


History of Ship Wrecks in Atlantic Ocean, Florida

Boca Raton, located south of Palm Beach, is the site of two separate treasures. Blackbeard buried $2,000 in casks near the Boca Raton Inlet along with cannon and other artifacts of historical value that can be found on display at Dixie Divers in Deerfield Beach. The valuable casks may be in submerged caverns that have not been discovered as of yet. A Spanish galleon was ship wrecked in the Atlantic Ocean that was caused by a Cyclone in 1733 and surviving seamen saved a large chest and buried it on the beach at Red Reef Park in Boca Raton, Florida.

Many years ago, a fisherman was cruising over the outer reef off Boca Raton Inlet and saw what appeared to be an ancient ship partly covered with sand. After telling the story to his friends, a company was formed and several divers were engaged to go on this mission. They were successful to find the ship lying on the bottom of the sea in Theater Reef in about sixty feet of water that was uncovered by previous hurricanes in the Atlantic's S. Florida coast line. The divers went down and chopped a hole in the hull of the ship, and brought up what appeared to be a bar of iron, reporting that the wreck was filled with those bars. A more careful examination proved that the bar was pure silver. Additional equipment was secured and plans made to remove the entire treasure, but severe weather prevented immediate return and they were forced to wait for a calm sea. When the old ship was finally located again, it had sunk deeper in the sand. Dynamite was used in an attempt to break up the wreck, but this blast only caused it to sink deeper. It was finally swallowed up and no more silver was obtained. All traces of the wreck have long since disappeared and unless it is exposed by another storm, somewhere off Boca Raton, an old Spanish Galleon is buried in the depths of the ocean with a fortune that may never be recovered.


Shipwreck Source - “Spanish Treasure in Florida Waters,” by Robert F. Marx.
Note: Since this article was first written in 1964, much of the sunken treasure has been found and recovered from the 1622, 1715 and 1733 fleets.

Boca North Beach Ledge
Lat 26 21.939 Lon 80 03.289
Seaward of Boca Radar Tower, about 1 mile north of the Boca South Beach Pavilion. The North Beach Ledge is 10 to 15 feet long, in 60 feet of water. Sea whips, sea fans, sponges and hard corals top the ledge, while caves and overhangs provide food and cover for marine life. Moray eels grow to six feet here, and lobster abound during the winter months. Anchor on the edge, go north and then return to the anchor. Fly your dive flag here!

Empty Theatre Reef
Lat/Long: 26 27.904’N & 80 02.657’ W.
Location just off Boca Raton at 140 feet deep, one quarter mile north of Boca Inlet. One of the deepest reefs in the area with a ledge as high as 9 feet. The size of the reef is about 70 yards and it has a peculiar passage on the north side where there is a 6-foot diameter arch (see Pictures). Because of the depth, there isn’t much marine life, but on one dive, I saw two good size nurse sharks and some small hogfish. I personally like the dive and want to visit these many times. Please take a look on some pictures where I did dive with Hugh Henderson and Domingos Souza (Lambada Dive Team).

The Bermuda Triangle
The Bermuda Triangle spans from Bermuda to Puerto Rico and over to the Miami-Fort Lauderdale coast and comprises half a million square miles of infamous seas.
Recent documentation and information on the source of the disappearance of ships is explained by a chemical reaction occurring in the bottom of the ocean. What happens is like mixing baking soda and vinegar. It bubbles and smokes. This is what happens down in the bottom of the ocean only within the area of the Bermuda Triangle. This information was the most recent for the known facts regarding missing ships. An explosion happens at the bottom of the ocean and rises to top, engulfing the ships. In the natural physics, a vessel displaces water and if you remove the displacement, the vessel will sink. A ship cannot remain afloat in the turbulence of bubbles and waves.


Victoria Ghost - Main Character
Damien Paranormal - Secondary Character
Evan the Ferret (Damien’s Pet)
Ghost Spirits of ship and paranormals
Victoria’s 21st.Century relatives, Dr. Patricia and Dr. Sean McKee and Twins Colleen and Brian
Ghosts from 17th Century - Elizabeth, Isabelle, James, Vincent
Boca High Kids - Meredith, Jessica, Katlyn, Jason, Eric, Zack
Victoria’s 17th century parents, Evangeline Howard

Events and situations of story line

Society of the Serpentines and Nomads/Friends
1) Ghosts wanted control of all spirits /Sub-Terrarium 15-16-17 Century Bermuda Triangle, Miami in Atlantic
2) Armies made up of Ghouls who take victims into nothingness by absorbing them
3) Only thing to vanish them is through fire
4) Latest quest is to find all ghosts existing from ship wreck in the 1800’s
5) Damien inequitable in love with Victoria

Storm vs. Ghost
Human relationship vs. Ghost
Age vs. Time
Ghost no feelings or senses vs. human attributes

Dangers for Humans
Bermuda Triangle
Loss of Memory

Dangers for Ghosts
Water and lightning
Cannot be involved in photos


Chapter 1 - Answer
Chapter 2 - Tripping
Chapter 3 - Diving
Chapter 4 - Discovery
Chapter 5 - Escape
Chapter 6 - Shining
Chapter 7 - Storm - Victoria is in danger
Chapter 8 - Friends
Chapter 9 - Visitors - Ghouls
Chapter 10 - Gone - Teen missing
Chapter 11 - Missing
Chapter 12 - Lost
Chapter 13 - Secret
Chapter 14 - Mission - Bermuda Triangle
Chapter 15 - Meeting - Ghouls
Chapter 16 - Attack - Pacts vs. one another
Chapter 17 - Revenge - Enemy attack
Chapter 18 - Fire and Ice - Good vs. Evil
Chapter 19 - Reunion - Ghosts in 18th. and 21st.
Chapter 20 - Future - Is there more to this relationship? Is it possible??

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