Ice Castle

Lucinda and Celeste are the heroine twin princesses who rule the Ice Castle after their Queen Mother’s death. An evil witch who wished to take over the castle cast them out into the cold where they are threatened with hazard weather conditions. They are rescued by the Eskimo Dwarves and their sled dogs who take them to their Igloo for the night. They had been sent on a mission by the Wizard Barclay to save them and keep them out of harms way. After a good night’s rest and breakfast they venture outside and meet up with the talking grey wolves. They come to realized that the wolves will do them no harm, but only good. The wolves are on a mission for the Wizard Barclay to find and bring them to the Enchanted Ice Castle beneath the earth where Barclay lives in the Enchanted Ice Forest. Barclay is a wolf and a mythical wizard person who is magical reading crystal balls and performs spells of magic. He needs the princesses to retrieve the ruby red heart from the Ice Dragons who are a threat to the Ultra Elves and anyone who ventures near them. The Ultra Elves need to return to Norway to rule their clan of elves.

The Eskimo Dwarves are descendants of the Ultra Elves who are inhabitants of Barclay’s palace where they took refuge after being chased out of their castle in Norway by the Evil Blue Ice Dragons. The Evil Dragons, Sedwick & Moewick wish to take over the Ultra Elves castle so they can have control of the underground. Anyone who stands in their way, they freeze into solid ice and are placed within their Ice Museum.

Barclay the Wizard agrees to help the princesses; he tells them that they must find the ruby heart charm that is in the museum in the Black Castle where the Blue Ice Dragons rule. The ruby heart will be their way back to Ice Castle and the defeat of the Dragons will end their control over the Ultra Elves so they can return to Norway to live in peace in their land. The evil dragons will be threatened by the army of monster fire flies who melt them down to puddles with their fire from their tongues. The twins must retrieve the red ruby heart encased in a cube of crystal in the museum. Eva, the good witch and the white Dove come to the twin’s aid. Lucinda and Celeste will return to Alaska on the Flying Ice Horses with the red ruby heart that is full of warmth and love. The ruby heart melts the evil witch and rids the Ice Monster of evilness with the beat of warmness in his large monster body. The twins continue to rule and the Ice Monster will protect them from all evil. The wicked witch Greta will remand trapped in ice beneath the Ice Castle.

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