Unwanted and used leather,
dry and untouched was the sinner's skin.
The sentenced voice remained mute
within the dampness of an eternal tomb.

Swollen pupils glazed with shame;
knowing life will be crushed and twisted out.
An appendage weakly clasps the cage's bar;
pain escapes from dormant muscles.

The brainís mechanics spin out of control,
as the mind plays games with a dead conscience.
Stagnant aroma fills capped nostrils
of food sicken in the stomach.

An endless eternity rests within this cage.
Freedom, a stranger teases the convicted.
Time is captured at a dead end.
Light remains black and still.

A key turns the lock. The walk begins,
Step by step down death row.
A clock ticks away, minutes, seconds,
to the end and freedom.

Glori Mulligan 2013