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Life’s Entertainers

A black and white marionette silently appears on stage,
camouflaged by a painted white mask.
Decorated with a black tear and ruby smile,
the buffoon dances youthfully,
using crisp nimble movements.
He captures his audience as he cleverly
creates a scene.

Are his charming ways sincere?
Are his mischievous antics innocent?
Or is it a facade this mute fellow displays,
disguised and envelop in paint and costume?
If I could see into this Harlequin,
maybe I would find a torn red tear and wrinkled mouth
on a sad face of a wooden body.

We can wear masks,
hide behind cloth disguise.
We can pretend and create an image.
We can hide behind a weak smile and fake laughter.
We can brush away a stinging tear.
We can pack our feelings tight in a suitcase,
then make a quick exit.

Glori Mulligan 2013