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Ghost’s Proposal

Come let me take you to the water
Let me lead you to where the others have been and still remain
with memories to be only known a society in the Unknown.
Yes, secrets of the past, present and future will remain a secret.
within these liquid passages of the Unknown.

We walked the ground with our ancestors; sailed the seas with our treasures.
Dare to the ones who cross our barriers to seek what belongs to us.
A thirst for adventure, desire to control, to own with a hunger and greed,
Is searched for by evil spirits in an unknown place deep within the sea.
This quest will continue forever with no end of time.

And a request will be answered in a search for identity
while an unrequited love will never be known
To only know who you are where you belong
And to know the reality of being is your desire.
To know the one you love and to know her as your own is all you ask.

We feel the pull and know the need
For our commitment to one another.
To find the answers of three questions.
Will you forever remain the same?
Will an unrequited love be enough?

Glori Mulligan 2011