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Come Play With Me

My name is Molly
Mommy calls me Dolly
Daddy calls Baby
Can someone play maybe?

Kitty is sleeping on a pillow
I wish I had a pussy willow
His eyes are shut tight
We could play fight.

Murphy is sound asleep
He is sleeping ever to deep.
I’ll tip toe over and lick his nose
And tickle his toes

Mee-Too looks the other way
Maybe he’ll change his mind today.
I will try running around him.
No luck, things look dim.

We are going for a walk
Most things out there do not talk.
Pretty flower smiling at me
I am more fun than that bee.

Butterfly flying up so high
I cannot get up to the sky.
Please fly down to play
We can skip and run today.

Leaves on the side walk
They skid along and do not talk
The wind shuffles them around
I could be a new friend found.

Wiggly funny little worm thing
With no real end or beginning,
You just do not talk
How about a walk?

Little green lizard climbing a tree
Turn around so you can see.
Someone to play with today
On a warm and sunny day.

Bushy tail squirrel up the tree
Eyes looking down at me.
Why do you run away?
You know I want to play.

Blackbirds sitting on the grass
Fly away, oh so fast.
Just trust me this one time
And a friend you will fine.

Oh my, the sky is crying.
Boom, lights are flashing.
Oh we must go inside
It’s raining outside.

Back inside for a nap
Right on Mommy’s lap.
I’ll close my eyes tight
And dream of playing tonight.

Hi Mickey glad you’re awake,
You slept long for goodness sakes.
Run, run, run come after me.
Playing is fun, do you agree?

Oh here comes Mee-Too now,
And there is another Bow-Wow.
It’s Murphy wagging his tail fast
We can all play together at last.

Glori Mulligan 2011