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Chocolate Tree

I am going to sleep for awhile.
Now I slumber into the night
To weather the winter to come.

My leaves have flown away and branches bare colors of cocoa.
There is life within the darkness of my bark
Like bone marrow within my frame.

Snow covers my branches and brave the cold.
Ice glistens on my cold frame.
Winds howls through and around me.

Soon it will be spring.
I will be awakened with a bird’s song.
I feel and hear the popping of buds.

Green leaves began to grow.
I stretch my limbs out decorated in green,
Inviting the birds to come to rest.

Upon a branch a nest is built.
Little chirps and peeps can be heard,
I am alive once again with life in and out of me.

Summer has come with a laughing sun.
Storms of rain wash me and as thunder lights the sky.
There is a shadow all around me for shade to rest.

Squirrels scurry up and down my trunk
Stars twinkle through my branches
Moonlight shines upon my leaves

I hear the crickets chirping
I see the lighting bugs flashing
Nighttime is electric in late summer nights.

Fall rushes in with windy days.
My leaves turn orange, red, and yellow.
My clothes are beginning to fly away.

Soon I will be bare and chocolate once again
With memories of Spring, Summer, and Fall
As I grow and grow taller and stronger.

My life is a cycle of color within a circle
Where beginning and ending meet

Because, Chocolate never stops.