Glori Mulligan

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Glori originates from Detroit, Michigan where she attended University of Detroit Mercy receiving a degree in Education with majors in English and Speech/Drama. She taught English and Drama in Michigan before moving to South Florida in 1977 where she continued to teach Glori remains an educator teaching English while she continues to write for children and teens. She makes herself available for book presentations and writing workshops in schools and signings in bookstores.

Glori has participated in the field of music, dance, and theatre and directed musicals and plays in schools and she brings this into her writing. Her passion of books and writing stimulated the desire to teach children and teens about books and writing. She focuses her time teaching and writing for children hoping to increase their appreciation and enjoyment in reading. Her favorites include JRR Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, Dianna Wynne Jones, Frances Hodgson Burnett and JK Rowland whom she considers masters of fictional fantasy being a genre of literature of great importance to stretch the children imagination and creativity.

Glori is professional published author of Children' s Books. Presently, she is writing Unknown, a paranormal fantasy romance for teens with settings in the 17th and 21st centuries and TICK TOCK School House Rocks, Middle Grade. She has completed Ice Castle, a fairy tale with a new twist and a setting in the Antarctic involving magic, mythology, and mysticism. Glori writes character books for children with cancer that she shares with hospitals. Glori enjoys sharing her life with her husband Arthur, their children and grandchildren, along with Molly and Mikey (pups), Mickey and Maggie (kitties) their sixteen legged children!

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